Everything you need to know about the status of your Stripe account, including how to remedy common issues.


  • Why did my payment or payout history disappear, and why do I have a new Stripe account?

    Stripe introduced a privacy upgrade which limits you from connecting the same Stripe account to multiple Platforms (like Shopify and the Payment app). [0] Therefore, a new "sub-account" was created from your "main account", which has the exact same info...

  • Do you provide special rates for 501c(3) non-profits?

    Thanks for reaching out! To start, make sure you have already received your non-profit status from Stripe. They offer some incentives for non-profits, including a 2.2% rate for non-American Express transactions. You can find out more about that here: ht...

  • Locate missing payments and payouts

    First, go to your Payment app and open the menu. On both iOS and Android, you will see a Stripe account ID listed.    Then, head to a web browser and navigate to your Profile in your Stripe Dashboard, you may see a list like this: This is a list of al...

  • How do I charge in a different currency?

    You can change the currency you are charging in by navigating to the Settings view, then choosing "Change Currency". The dialog that displays will show all of the possible currencies that are supported by your Stripe account.   Here is a list of all the...

  • Why is my account in TEST MODE only?

    Your account is unable to make charges because it is in TEST mode only. You will need to activate your account by visiting: You can read more about the TEST mode only account state here:

  • How do I change my password?

    If you lost your password, you can recover it via:

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  • Stripe Partnership

    We're pleased to be one of the first Stripe Verified Partners. Learn more about the Stripe platform here:   Stripe <> Payment