Why did my payment or payout history disappear, and why do I have a new Stripe account?

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Stripe introduced a privacy upgrade which limits you from connecting the same Stripe account to multiple Platforms (like Shopify and the Payment app). [0] Therefore, a new "sub-account" was created from your "main account", which has the exact same information. [1]

This has obviously caused a decent amount of fallout, as the product is still in the early stages. Some common issues and concerns we've seen are:

There are some benefits to the change by Stripe including:

  • Your privacy is enhanced. With separate accounts, the varying Stripe Platforms can only see the activity created with their Platform (and not your entire Stripe history).
  • You can access this sub-account at any time, directly from your Stripe Dashboard. Just click your company name/logo in the upper left corner to toggle to the other account.
  • Your payments are not lost, they're just going to the "sub-account", with the exact same banking information as your "main account"

[0] https://stripe.com/docs/connect/oauth-changes-for-standard-platforms
[1] https://stripe.com/docs/multiple-accounts

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