Not seeing WisePOS E in card reader list, even after connecting to wifi and registering with Stripe

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We're sorry this is happening! It's a remnant of a change Stripe introduced with the way they handle accounts, and we're quickly try to provide a workaround so you are no longer affected. However, below are the steps to get that card reader displaying in your app.


This guide is for those that have already completed the steps shown here:

Step 1

If you're seeing this screen after completing the steps above, you're in the right place:



Step 2

You'll need to make sure you're logged into the SAME Stripe account in the Payment iOS app that the card reader was registered to. First, make note of the Stripe Account ID (beginning with acct_xxxxx) that you're logged into in the app. Please note, it may not be what you expect.



Step 3

Navigate to your Stripe Dashboard Account Settings, and double check to see if the Stripe Account ID from Step 2 matches what you see in the Stripe Dashboard.


If the Stripe Account ID from the Payment app and your Stripe Web Dashboard match, you can proceed to Step 5.


Step 4

Since your Stripe Account ID's do not match, you'll need to switch accounts in your Stripe Dashboard. You can see a list of Stripe Accounts and Sub-accounts from your main account by navigating to the Stripe User Settings and scrolling to the bottom where it says Accounts.


Here is where it gets tricky โ€” the Account Names may be EXACTLY the same. You'll want to "switch" accounts to the SAME account you're using in the app. 


Step 5

To switch accounts, click the top left corner (where your account name is) to select a different account. Note: you may see two entry names that are EXACTLY the same. You'll see the word Edit next to the currently "active" account. You'll need to select the other Stripe account, which essentially logs you into that account. In the example below, "PV Money" is the main account, and you'd want to switch to "PV Sub-account"


To ensure you're then in the right account, you will want to repeat Steps 2-3 again to confirm the Stripe Account IDs.


Step 6

Now that you're using the same Stripe Account as the current Stripe Account in the Payment app, you can proceed to Add Locations and Register Readers. Start by adding your primary Location.





Step 7

Now that you've added a location, you'll need to register the reader to that location. Start by selecting the location you just added, then scrolling down to the Readers section, and clicking New.




Step 8

After registering the reader, you can then head back to the Payment iOS app and either:

  1. Pull to refresh the list of card readers or
  2. Hit the back button, then reselect the WisePOS E option

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