Verifone P400

For information regarding the Stripe Terminal Verifone P400 (available in the U.S. and Canada only)

  • Troubleshooting - Verifone showing "Not Connected" Error

    If you have your Verifone P400 setup on your ethernet network connection, you may need to reconnect by following the steps in the Stripe guide:  

  • Ordering the Verifone P400 card reader

    The Verifone P400 card reader is only available for app users in the United States or Canada. You can order via: For more information on Stripe Terminal (Canada), you can read the Stripe documentation here: https://str...

  • Connecting to the Verifone P400 Stripe Terminal card reader

    Before attempting to connect to your Verifone P400 card reader, ensure that you have setup both the Location and registered the card reader in the Stripe Dashboard. You can follow this guide here:

  • Setting up and registering the Verifone P400 Stripe Terminal card reader

    Stripe has provided very detailed instructions for setting up and configuring your card reader here: In addition, we've made those steps more concise, with screenshots below, to help with your setup...