Troubleshooting WisePOS E - Sever hostname could not be found

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We're sorry you're having issues with your WisePOS E. Lets try some simple things to fix it.

The error you are seeing looks to be specific to your network, and the Stripe Terminal card reader.


First, double check to make sure your WisePOS E is connected to the internet.


Stripe has published a help article in their documentation that you may find useful.

Additionally, ensure your network has the appropriate ports open to connect to the reader from the Payment app:


If the steps in this support article do not work, you will need to reach Stripe's Support team at: You may need to escalate your ticket past their first line of support, as the staff will ultimately try to deflect you back to the Payment support team suggesting it is an app integration problem. However, since this is a hardware error, and not an app error, we unfortunately cannot assist any further.

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