Connect BBPOS WisePOS E to the Payment app

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Let's get you setup with your BBPOS WisePOS E! Remember, the Payment app was built to be the no-code solution for charging with your Stripe account. The following steps require NO CODING.

  1. First, you'll need to setup your card reader following Stripe's setup guide:

  2. Make sure you have enabled location services for the Payment app. The Stripe Terminal WisePOS E requires location access for fraud detection, and will not operate without allowing location access to the app.
  3. You must REGISTER your new card reader in your Stripe Dashboard, which also includes creating a new Location for your reader. Stripe has a very helpful guide, which you can view here under "Register in the Dashboard":

    To access the Settings for the BBPOS WisePOS E device: 


    You do not need to follow the steps for registering your reader via the API. You can close the Stripe Dashboard.

  4. Then, if you're using the iOS app (for iPhone or iPad), you will need to connect the reader by going to the menu:

    Then select the BBPOS WisePOS E card reader. You'll be presented with a list of WisePOS E card readers that are available to connect. To connect the reader, you must select the card reader with matching serial number to your device.

    It's possible that your reader then may receive firmware updates.

  5. If you're using the Android mobile app, you will need to select the menu and choose "Connect Internet Reader":


    If you have not yet created a Location, you may be prompted to do so. It's also possible that your reader then may receive firmware updates.

  6. You're now ready to start using your card reader to collect payment methods. Please note, all data input like amounts and product selection still happen in the apps, and only card payment method collection happens on the reader.

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