Currency is not supported in a specific country

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You may have landed here due to seeing an error such as:

The card_present source type with currency CAD is not supported in US.

Unfortunately, Stripe Connect accounts will only be able to process card present charges in their local currency. For example, US-based Stripe Connect Accounts can only process `card_present` payments in USD. With a US-based Stripe Account, you cannot use Terminal to charge in another currency (like CAD).

Readers must be physically located within the country that it is registered. Readers can only be registered to a location within the country that the device was shipped to or that the connected Stripe account is registered to in order to process payments in the local currency.

The only way to avoid these errors and work around the limitations is to:


Have two Stripe accounts:

  • The first account being your main Stripe account, for example — a US-based Stripe account with a USD-based bank account attached
  • The second account being where you are hoping to collect card present payments, for example — a CA-based Stripe account with a CAD-based bank account

Setup Terminal Locations for both accounts:

  • The first account (US) would need a Terminal Location in the US
  • The second account (CA) would need a Terminal location in CA

Register the card reader to both locations:

  • Generate a pairing code for the card reader, and register it to the US Location
  • Generate a new pairing code (not the same), and register it to the CA Location

Now when you travel, you can use your Stripe Terminal card reader (WisePOS E, WisePad 3) in multiple countries!


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