How do I send a receipt?

There are a few ways you can send receipts:

  1. Before completing the charge, add the person as a new Customer. A receipt will automatically be emailed to this customer upon completion of the charge.
  2. If you forgot to enter the email address before the charge, no worries, you can also do it after! Once you've confirmed the charge was successful, you will see a button for Receipt. This will prompt you to enter an email for the recipient of the receipt.
  3. You can also send receipts from the Recent Charges list by swiping a row for the charge. You will see both an option for Refunding and sending a Receipt.
  4. Lastly, you can send receipts via the Stripe Dashboard: choose the Payments navigation item on the left and find the payment in question. Click the payment, then scroll down to Receipt History. From there, you can re-send receipts.

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